We're reading…ROYAL FLUSH Book 7

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I don’t know about you, but my best ideas usually look a lot different when I finalize them than they did when I came up with them.

This website is case in point.

I’ve known for nearly a decade I wanted to create a space for my creative, like-minded friends and I to air our thoughts.  That vision went through several iterations, including, for a fleeting moment, thoughts of starting a magazine.

Upon further research, I quickly came to realize we didn’t have the financial resources necessary for that project.  Now, a website?  That we could afford.

What, if anything, does this have to do with Royal Flush?  Simple.

I’d like to think that if we’d been able to execute the magazine it would have looked a lot like Royal Flush.

That is to say, it carries the type of information we love here at the ‘Geek.

The fine folks at Royal Flush sent me a copy of Book 7 and I’ve enjoyed every word.

A quick look at the front cover(s) lays out items on, among others:

 The writing is smart and concise.  The articles are plentiful.  The sarcasm is plentiful.

If you’re a fan of what we do here, and I certainly hope you are, you should give Royal Flush a look.

Book 7 is on newstands (they still have those…right) now.  You spent $9.99 on things that didn’t give you nearly this much enjoyment.  I know you have.

2 comments on “We're reading…ROYAL FLUSH Book 7

Picked mine up today. So dense, so enjoyable, so enjoyably dense!


The new issue is the best yet!!


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