Web of AN.G.EL.S – the review

Web of AN.G.EL.S #1


David Stellfox, Ex British Service turned Assassin has been chosen to correct the catastrophic ending to the Red War between America and China.  Using the Sugar Effect; an experimental method of Time Travel, Stellfox has been sent back in time to seek and destroy the mysterious Chinese General, Mah-He and his three bodyguards known as “The Three” before they can attack the White House and force America into surrender.

So reads the press release I received in August announcing the arrival of this new digital comic from Diomedes Productions.

Since then, Diomedes has had some problems delivering their comic.  They have, at every step, been honest with their press contacts and let us know about the delays.  So, I was very excited last week when I got the email telling me that the book was finally available for review.

 I downloaded the book and gave it a read.

 The first page is simply text.  It lays out the book’s premise.  We are introduced to “The Sugar Effect,” the book’s method of time travel.  I’ve got to say I like he  idea behind it.

On page two we meet David Stellfox, the series’ protagonist, standing in a field of military corpses.  The thing that jumped off the page for me was the fact that Stellfox looked as if he’d been created with Ugo’s Hero Machine.  The pose was just too rigid and too different from the rest of the illustration.

The next page jumps forward in time a couple of years to an attack on the White House by a group of chinese terrorists. They plow through the defenses and confront the President of the United States. They are “the Three.”  One is a giant with a cannon on his wrist that would make Deadshot jealous.  The second is a sword wielding loonie, the kind that became so popular after Wolverine went mainstream.  The final is a gun-wielding femme fatale, the comic “bad girl.”

They deliver a message from General Mah.  The message and the President’s acceptance of that deal leads to his downfall and, apparently, war with China.

That’s topical stuff right there.

Telling more would be giving things away.

The premise here is solid – time travel, super soliders and assassins.  The idea of time “dissolving” in space is something I want to explore more.

However, there were a few things in the issue that just rang false.  First, impeachment isn’t the same thing as being fired.  Its a first step in a disciplinary process.  Second, the document used to impeach a sitting official is called “articles of impeachment,” not “notice of impeachment.”

A couple of grammatical and spelling errors in the middle of the book clanged on my mental ear.

The manga inspired art is good, but the backgrounds seem a bit empty.  The Oval Office is decorated with nothing more than a framed landscape painting?

These criticisms aside, I like the premise of the book and wouldn’t mind seeing how this conflict resolves itself.

Web of AN.G.EL.S #1 is availabe for $1.99 at the Diomedes Productions store.

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