Silver Bars – Center Of The City Lights

I’m jazzed to write this review for multiple reasons.This band contains two people (Paula & Stephen) that are dear friends of my brother and sister-in-law and this album is really fuckin good.Silver Bars have been at it for about 4 years in Austin, TX.I’ve heard the evolution of this band within just the past few years.I saw them live during SXSW about 2 or 3 years ago and at that time the material was slightly different…more mellow and dare I say kinda folky/acousticy.The evolution has culminated in their new/debut record entitled Center Of The City Lights and is reflected in mature song-writing/arrangements, dynamics & texture, and a bit more sonic heft/muscle.The band describes themselves as Dream Pop (a term I see quite a bit these days and a throwback to bands from the 90’s like Lush) and is an apt description of their sound.Very airy, shimmery, and atmospheric.Shoe-gazey elements come to my old school mind and a couple of the weightier songs have a slight tinge of Stoner Rock whallop to ‘em.Paula has a beautiful voice and the harmonizing with Stephen is awesome.The record is on the Shifting Sounds label which is also home to a couple of other great Austin bands – Magnet School and Honeyrude.Paula has indicated to me that they already have half an album’s worth of material that they hope to record soon for an early 2020 release.

Check out the album here –

My favorite song – Spirit Guides

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