Monday Meandering: Emmys, Lucifer and Dial H


Welcome to Monday kids. Let’s take a look at the pop culture doings that I did this past week shall we?


I really enjoyed last night’s pandemic edition of the Emmys. The show was tight. The pretense was kept to a minimum. All that and Schitt’s Creek completed the first ever sweep, winning all of the acting, writing and series awards for comedy. Succession made a strong showing in drama with Billy Crudup and Julia Garner picking up trophies for The Morning Show and Ozark respectively. Now, someone please teach Jennifer Aniston to use a fire extinguisher before she catches the rest of California ablaze.


I read the first volume of DC’s Vertigo take on the fallen angel. Written by Mike Carey, the series follows the lightbringer/jazz impresario as he takes on a mission for Heaven in exchange for an object of massive power. The setup is pretty good, but you can tell Carey spent some time with John Constantine. The entire first collection felt like Hellblazer castoffs. Hell, John himself even shows up for a panel. Lucifer is okay, but not great.


Back in the 80s, I loved Dial H for Hero. DC’s series allowed readers to submit their own creations for possible inclusion in the series. What self-respecting teenage geek wouldn’t jump at that opportunity. No, mine never got pick. The New 52 reboot of the series lacks that type of magic. Instead, it seems to draw its temporary heroes from the Doom Patrol‘s waste bin. They just seemed weird for the sake of being weird. There was a bit of interesting storytelling about an old hippie tapping into the telephone matrix, but I just didn’t connect the same way I did back then. Could be I’m older. Could be it was New 52. I’m leaning strongly toward the latter.

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