Monday Meandering: 8/31/20 – Bill & Ted, Devolution and Justice League Dark


Well, if it’s Monday, it must be time for me to go meandering across the pop culture countryside and report on what sights I’ve seen.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Last weekend, the family and I watched the latest adventure of those San Dimas bro, Ted “Theodore” Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esq. I approached the movie with a certain sense trepidation. Bogus Journey wasn’t great and George Carlin is dead. Thankfully, the movie put those fears to rest. Face the Music was a fun trip back in time (ha) with a fun pair of characters. It wasn’t Excellent, but neither was it Bogus. It’s good viewing for Bill & Ted fans.


The latest book from Max Brooks finds him turning his narrative formula from zombies to Bigfoots (feets?) and the results are magnificent. The story builds a genuine sense of dread as an isolated eco-community finds itself under siege by a pack of Sasquai after Mt. Rainier blows. It’s a clever set up and brilliant execution. I legitimately couldn’t put the book down. Read it at your earliest convenience.

Justice League Dark

The concept of Justice League Dark originally debuted during the “New 52” era. The current iteration of the title and team blows the original out of the water. Led by Wonder Woman, the team consists of Zatanna, Detective Chimp, Swamp Thing and Man-Bat. Through the first three collected volumes of the title, the team has been trying, with mixed results, to stop the destruction of all magic in the multiverse. The kicker? The opposition is led by rogue Lord of Order, Dr. Fate. Throw in appearances Eclipso, John Constantine, Circe and Mordru and you’ve got a far flung adventure into the magical corners of the DC Universe. I really enjoy this title and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take the team next.

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