Monday Meandering: 8/24/20 – Succession, Rex Mundi and Thor

war of the realms

Welcome to Monday kids. And, if its Monday, its time to see what pop culture I’ve found myself meandering through.

The pop culture landscape is a bit like Mad Max’s wasteland these days. I’ve been spending a lot of time catching up on stuff that, for whatever reason, I’ve missed. So, if you’ve already seen/read this stuff, humor me.

On to the list.


The wife and I like to try to see the stuff that’s nominated for awards. We’re junkies that way. HBO’s Succession is nominated for a bunch of Emmys and we didn’t watch it. Thanks to the pandemic and the magic of streaming, we are nearly done with Season 1 and ready to begin Season 2. I’ve got to say, the dysfunctional Roy family makes me quite happy with my band’s particular brand of crazy. A family trying to hold together a media empire while the patriarch struggles with his mental health makes for good drama. That the cast is top notch doesn’t hurt either. I’m enjoying this one so far and can’t wait to see where it goes.


I recently finished the entire run of DarkHorse/Image’s Rex Mundi and, man, if you like conspiracy theories and alternative history his is the series for you. In an alternate world where the US lost the Civil War and France is a European power, a grisly murder sends a doctor down a trail of ancient secrets and hidden power. Yes, the Holy Grail is in play. So are the Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion. Seriously, if you love historical conspiracy theories, read this book. It will not disappoint.


Thor is my second favorite superhero ever, so I always enjoy checking in to see what Marvel has cooking for him and the rest of Aesir. I inhaled Jason Aaron’s complete run of Thor, including War of the Realms, and its one of my favorite runs ever. Thor, now missing an arm and Mjolnir, and looking/talking a lot like a certain Chris, must find his place in the broken world of Asgard while fighting off the universe ending plans of the dark elf, Malekith. If that sounds like a lot, it isn’t. I hadn’t read Thor in a while and within a few issues I was up to speed and rapt with what would happen next. The mini-series War of the Realms was just the icing on the Teutonic cake. All I’ll say is this – Daredevil as Heimdall and Odin the Iron-All Father. You do with that what you will.

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