Friday LinkFrogging: Who Doesn’t Love a Good Squeeze Play


If it’s Friday, or Saturday, then it must be time for LinkFrogging.

Yes, I’m late again this week.

I got sucked into game six of the ALCS last night and didn’t get back to putting this together.

You see, as a long suffering Houston Astros fan, watching them mount a BoSoxian comeback from 0-3 has been awe inspiring.

Now, I’m sitting here watching Game seven and hoping that things turn around.

In the meantime, I’m putting together this week’s trip to the wonderful weird corners of the internet that is LinkFrogging.

As any regular reader of this feature knows, one of the cornerstones of the feature is our weekly helping of cheesecake.

Pre-Covid that was a pretty simple process. See what new movie or tv show was coming out and look up the leading lady.

Since we’ve come back in the midst of the pandemic, that hasn’t been quite the case. New media has become harder and harder to find.

So I was really excited to find an in for this week’s feature.

Remember way back up top where I said I was home watching the Astros?

Guess who else is doing that?

Justin Verlander.

And, dear reader, do you know who Justin Verlander is married to?

Why that would be none other than Kate Upton.

And that’s how we do the damned thing.

Let’s hit the links.


Flaming Lips test bubble-concert

Independent music venues fear they’ll be forced to close forever

Six new Bowie live albums about to be released

Straight out of Pasadena: The unlikely high-school bromance of Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth

The reason Queensryche broke up

Fuck you David Crosby

The world’s richest king, his mysterious fortune and the protesters who want answers

Disney wants to be Netflix now

And finally, don’t forget to check out Bruce and Stephe’s podcast, SlurpToast

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