Friday LinkFrogging: Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy.


If it’s Friday then it must be time for LinkFrogging.

So, as previously stated, this week was my birthday.

I celebrated with a visit from my parents, some tasty bar-b-que from Salt Lick, cake, ice cream, gifts and a bonus day off from my employer.

How did I spend that bonus day?

Well, I went to my final post-op follow-up on my kidney stones. All is well. I went to see The New Mutants with a free pass from the local theater. And I finished the day off with a half binge of Season 2 of Cobra Kai.

What does any of this have to do with LinkFrogging?

Cobra Kai is the kind of generational nostalgia that shouldn’t work, but does, mainly because it re-frames your preconceived notions about who the characters are. Sure, Johnny is the high school jock who never got over the girl or the crane kick, but Daniel is no prince either. He’s obsessed with keeping Johnny in what he perceives to be his proper place.

It’s pretty smart stuff for an update of a Gen-X teen movie that aped Rocky.

One of the main reasons the show works is the younger cast. Most of the characters are misfits of one kind or another and as they begin to choose sides in the upcoming Game of Thrones level conflict that they are building to (hyperbole alert), it’s really fun to watch them develop into more complex characters.

So, imagine my surprise when a new girl walks into Cobra Kai like she owns the joint and begins to throw around Johnny’s prize student.

That young lady was Peyton List and her appearance in Cobra Kai landed her this week’s cheesecake honors.

For those not familiar with Ms. List’s work before her arrival in the Valley (like me), you may have seen her in such other projects as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Jessie and, ironically, the remake of Valley Girl.

Then again, any Gen X’er worth their salt avoided that last one like the plague.

Let’s hit the links.


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