Friday LinkFrogging: Still Dazed and Confused After All These Years


If it’s Friday it must be time for LinkFrogging, kids.

Tonight I will brave the wilds of Covid-19 for purely entertainment purposes. I know its foolish, but I need to get out of the damned house.

And what, you may ask, would lead me to venture out into the wastelands?

The answer is, quite simply, Dazed and Confused.

Yes, I’m going to the local theater to see a screening of the 1993 stoner classic hosted by Randall “Pink” Floyd himself, Jason London.

What’s that? Is it worth risking your health to see a 27 year old movie?

That, dear reader, is a bit more difficult isn’t it.

My first answer is that Dazed and Confused is one of my favorite movies. I can watch any part of the movie at any time and it always makes me happy.

So there’s that.

Also, I never got to see it in a theater during its original release. Seems only appropriate that I remedy that in ATX, the home of the Lee High shenanigans.

Speaking of Austin, given that the movie is screening here, you just never know who besides London might show up. Alright? Alright! Alright.

Dazed and Confused is, in my opinion, a near perfect movie. It’s about a time in life everyone remembers, it’s the right length, the soundtrack kicks ass and, finally, the movie is infinitely quotable.

So, while the wife and I are having a few good laughs at the expense of Mitch and the other freshmen, I’ll leave you with LinkFrogging.

And this week’s hostess, Joey Lauren Adams.

It only seems appropriate given Ms. Adams’ status as a mid-90s “it” girl.

In addition to Dazed and Confused, she also appeared in Mallrats, Big Daddy, SFW and, of course, Chasing Amy.

Enjoy your weekend kids.

Let’s hit the links.


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