Friday LinkFrogging: A Rough Week for the Rule of Three


If it’s Friday, it must be time for LinkFrogging kids.

Not long after I completed LinkFrogging last week, we were hit in the face with the death of Ruth Bader-Ginsberg.

RBG’s passing shook the world and put an already shaky Republic on the precipice.

That was followed up later in the week by the announcement that legendary Chicago Bear, Gale Sayers, had passed.

And in short order, on the same day, wrestling legend, Animal, of the Road Warriors died.

That has to be one of the strangest instances of the Rule of Three ever.

When I mentioned the trio to my wife, she said “and one of these things is not like the other.”

Now, I know she meant Animal, but, come on, this is GonzoGeek. In our eco-system RGB is the odd woman out.

Sayers and Animal were both parts of famous duos that helped formulate Generation X masculinity.

No dude worth his salt can avoid crying when watching Brian’s Song, the movie adaptation of Sayers’ 1970 autobiography about his friendship with Brian Piccolo from the days of segregation through Piccolo’s death from cancer.

What A Rush

And then there’s Animal.

The Road Warriors were a phenomenon with their spiked shoulder pads, radical haircuts and face paint. They changed the face of tag team wrestling on the way to winning tag team titles in the AWA, NWA and WWF/E, a feat that has never been duplicated.

Anytime an 80’s wrestling fan hears the opening chords of Iron Man, they expect the LoD to appear and decapitate them. They were just that iconic.

They’ll all be missed.

And now, onto something more pleasant. Please say hello to this week’s hostess, Erin Moriarty.

Ms. Moriarty can currently be seen plying her trade on Amazon’s adaptation of The Boys. She stars as Annie January/Starlight, the good girl heroine from the midwest who finds out things aren’t all they’re cracked up to be in the superhero biz.

The hard way.

You may have also seen her in such other projects as Blood Father, Captain Fantastic, Jessica Jones and True Detective.

I had a coworker tell me earlier this week how much she was enjoying The Boys. I told her it wasn’t nearly as gruesome as the books. First, she didn’t know about the books. Secondly, she wasn’t sure she believed me.

Herogasm anyone?

Let’s hit the links.


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