Friday LinkFrogging: Jamie Isn’t the Only One Crying


Yes, I know it’s Sunday. Yes, LinkFrogging is supposed to publish on Fridays.

It just didn’t happen this week.

Better late than never.

Besides, this week sucked.

Eddie Van Halen died this week.

It was loss that hit Generation especially hard.

Eddie’s guitar virtuosity was the soundtrack of our youths.

The music of Van Halen was always there for us. From the jungle stud histrionics of David Lee Roth to the tequila soaked growl of Sammy Hagar to, ummm, Gary Cherone, Van Halen could always be heard blaring out of home and car speakers.

And, now matter who was at the mic, the absolute star of Van Halen was always Eddie. He was our Hendrix. He was our guitar god.

Rest in Peace Eddie. Immortality awaits.

Of course, no edition of LinkFrogging would be complete without chessecake and this week is no exception.

Please say hello to Valerie Bertinelli aka the former Mrs. Eddie Van Halen.

When I heard Eddie had passed, I knew there was a very good chance Valerie would be this week’s hostess.

In addition to being Eddie’s ex, she was one of the earliest crushes for much of Gen X.

Her role as Barbara Cooper on One Day at a Time rocketed her to stardom and into our hearts.

Once that show ended, she made a career out of made-for-tv movies and the occasional failed sitcom, including 1990s Sydney which featured a theme song by her husband’s band.

She was last seen in Hot in Cleveland which still shows up in syndication if you are so inclined.

Let’s hit the links.


VAN HALEN – ‘Beautiful Girls’ [isolated guitar]: RIP Edward

AYRON JONES – ‘Take Me Away’ [new music]: heavy and realllly good

Donate any amount to see the LIVE! Spinal Tap cast reunion

‘Texas Is the Reason’ photo book: Texas punk rock (1979-87) straight from the pit

John Cusack – I have not been hot for a long time

Buffalo Bill’s house is for sale

Who the hell is Morgan Wallen?

Netflix is thinking of ending things

Monkey gang wars are killing people in India

The virtuosity and creativity of Van Halen

And finally, don’t forget to check out SlurpToast, Bruce and Stephe’s podcast

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