Friday LinkFrogging: 8/21/20 – Ring the Damned Bell

jurnee smollett bell

Welcome to this week’s installment of LinkFrogging, kids.

You can always tell when its getting close to Labor Day.

That’s when all of the hurricanes decide they need to make their presence felt on the Gulf Coast before their season is over. Thanks Laura and Marco, because 2020 wasn’t enough of a shitshow already. Now I have to Jim Cantore standing on a beach with a light breeze ruffling his slicker to the things I’m going to have to clogging up my airwaves.


You know what else hit my airwaves this week kids? Lovecraft Country.

See that pro level segue?

Now, I have to admit that, as of this writing, I haven’t watch the pilot yet. Well, I watched part of it before my wife walked in and asked why I was watching it without her. War of the Worlds, John Carter, Chthulhu, Jim Crow and sundown towns?

Didn’t think she’d be interested.

I was wrong.

My very own hurricane Laura.

The lead actress in Lovecraft Country is none other than this week’s LinkFrogging hostess.

Please say hello to Jurnee Smollett.

Ms. Smollet has been acting since she was a wee young thing with her first credit being in 1992’s Patti LaBelle vehicle, Out All Night.

Since then she’s put together an impressive resume that includes Eve’s Bayou, Friday Night Lights, True Blood and the last movie I saw in theaters before the arrival of Covid-19, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (and the rest of the ridiculously long title).

I’m not sure where she fits in with the future of the DCEU, or if that’s even still a thing, but LinkFrogging is and we’ve got her.

Let’s hit the links.


Farewell to Pete Way…

…and Ron Heathman

Bad Religion autobiography coming

The 10 worst things the 13th Doctor has done

Arrests made in the 2002 murder of Jam Master Jay

Jim Lee offers reassurance about the future of DC Comics after editorial bloodbath

George Miller thinks Furiosa became a tyrant

And finally, don’t forget to check out Bruce and Stephe’s podcast, SlurpToast

jurnee smollett bell

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