Friday LinkFrogging: 8/14/20 – You Better Call Somebody

Welcome back to Friday LinkFrogging kids.

Hope your week was better than mine. I started out having those pesky kidney stones I mentioned last week removed. Since then it’s been a journey of discomfort and medication.

But, at least, I don’t have jagged rocks trying to pass through tube the size of coffee stirrers (my doctor’s exact analogy).

Some of the other Gonzo Compadres are figuring out our new home and you should be seeing more content in the coming days. Until then, LinkFrogging it is.

Until then, you can always count on us to give you a little slice of fun and cheesecake on Fridays.

Speaking of cheesecake, let’s meet this week’s hostess with mostest, shall we?

Please say hello to Rhea Seehorn.

This summer, the family and I have binged the entirety of the Heisen-verse. We started with Breaking Bad, moved on to El Camino and, just this week, got current on Better Call Saul.

Ms. Seehorn plays Jimmy/Saul’s partner/wife, Kim Wexler, on Better Call Saul. Now, Kim doesn’t show up in Breaking Bad , so her character seems to be headed for bad things in the final season, whenever that airs.

You may also recognize Ms. Seehorn from her work on Veep or Whitney. Outside of that, she’s been a working actress with a list of one-off credits going back to 1997.

I’m guessing that no matter what happens to Kim Wexler in the final season of Saul, we’ve not seen the last of Ms. Seehorn.

Let’s hit the links.

Rock legend debunked: Redemption, Goose Lake, and the lost Stooge

A window into the world of Charles Bukowski

Coups, lies, dirty tricks: The Police’s Stewart Copeland on his CIA-agent father

Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon interviewed before the Clash’s 1982 NYC show

Best stoner comedies of all time

Sci-fi universes that make no sense

Creem magazine gets the documentary treatment

Roger Ebert’s brutal take on fan culture

And finally, was Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk the greatest self-sabotage in rock history?

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