Cactus Flowers


If you were to ask me which local Houston band I am really into right now, it would be the fantastic trio called – CACTUS FLOWERS.  The band recently had Walter Carlos of FUNERAL HORSE on bass, but he has recently stepped aside due to his busy schedule with FH.  Their BandCamp page indicates the new bass player is Paul Chavez.  The core of the group consists of Jessica Murillo on vocals/guitar and Mark Carcamo on drums.

The band classifies themselves as Psychedelic Rock, which I think is an apt label for their sound.  I think there’s some Stoner Rock elements here as well.  The song writing and arrangements are top notch and they are super tight and talented in a live setting.  The songs are really groovy and catchy/memorable and Jessica exudes a captivating sense of sex appeal with her subtle yet powerful stage presence.  Airy/slower/moody songs glide alongside punchy mid-tempo stompers that keep your head bobbing, feet tapping, and hips swaying.

This is definitely a band to keep on your radar.  There’s lots of potential for these guys to go far if connected with the right people and the right touring opportunities.  I believe a full length record is in the works.  In the meantime, check out their BandCamp page here -

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